7 Podcasts I Listen to Every Week (And You Should Too)

Over the last two years it seems as though everyone was starting their own podcast, or we’d see screenshots on Instagram stories of what people were listening to. According to this post, over 155 million people listen to a podcast every week, and on average listen to seven different shows! So without further ado – here are my top seven podcasts I listen to every week. And no, Joe Rogan and Call Her Daddy are not mentioned on this list, sorry guys!

Anne Oretlee’s Weekly Weather

Contrary to the title, we’re not talking about meteorology, but astrology. This is a podcast I’ve been streaming for about three years now, and I deem it an essential for anyone who is into the cosmic energies here on Earth. Whether you’re new to the astro world and need a little lesson, or simply want to prepare yourself for the week ahead, this podcast is just for you.

The Basement Yard

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Joe Santagato since I discovered his videos on YouTube back in 2009, so naturally when he came out with The Basement Yard, I was all over this show. This is a podcast that I can always count on to give me a laugh and keep me highly entertained. With new episodes coming out every Monday, I never have the “Monday blues”. Joe is a natural born entertainer (in my opinion after listening to his family’s videos over the years) and comedian that is hilarious from start to finish. His show does feature his friends and family members as co-hosts/guests, and I think it makes the show even more special! I do have to warn you though, if you stream this while you work in the office like I do… you WILL burst out laughing at times, so make sure your environment is accepting of that.

Don’t Tempt Me

This is a semi-new favorite on my list, but a show I very much enjoy listening to and recommend to all of my fellow 20 something year old ladies. Hosts Leighann and Shiva dive into topics like self-improvement, sex, relationships, and so much more on Don’t Tempt Me. You can really feel how genuine their friendship and demeanor are through the recording and their advice/conversations just has this natural tendency to resonate with you on a different level. I definitely find that after I listen to the show, I’m still thinking about the topics later in the day, which is something I personally enjoy. It’s a podcast that has a lot of substance that you can take away and apply to your own life. I stream Dont Tempt Me when I’m driving into work on Thursday mornings to get some food for thought, or while I’m doing cardio at the gym to keep my mind active Those are also the times where I can focus on myself, so what better way to do that than listening to a couple of girl bosses give you real life advice?! Both girls provide a refreshing, honest, and realistic perspective to important topics in society that is a pleasure to listen to

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

If you’re looking for a podcast to sip your morning coffee to or looking to fill the void of silence in your home, this is the show. Emma has a tone that easily makes you feel comforted and as if you’re listening to a close friend with each episode. Her content is very relatable, and you get the feeling that she is directly speaking to you. With advice, support, and honesty that is refreshing for the soul, Emma is just a pure voice that is venting on topics we all struggle with. I admire her transparency on mental health and I find that she has a creative way of delivering her content.

Chrisley Confessions

I love this podcast for two reasons. One, I admire Todd’s brutally honest personality, and two, the answering callers’ questions concept is intriguing to me. Each week they start the show with a recap of their week, and then dive into questions asked by callers. This is not something you really hear much of celebrities doing, hence my interest in it, and I like tuning in to new topics every week. No question is alike which ensures that there will be unique advice and conversations being had on the show. Him and his wife created this podcast to have a voice outside of the press, and that’s something to be recognized. They definitely do not shy away from addressing Hollywood rumors, mental health issues in society, world issues, and more. It’s an entertaining show that exudes honesty and love, and most importantly, real world advice anyone can walk away with after listening.

The Breakfast Club

Since the Corona Virus lockdown has transitioned a lot of people to working from home like myself, I think us commuters can understand when I say how much I miss my radio shows! When I discovered that iHeartRadio had the Breakfast Club available online, I nearly fell off my couch. Charlamagne’s outspoken voice is one I need to hear every day. The show mixes news, pop culture, music, and comedy all into one show. DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God bring all different perspectives to the show that are highly enjoyable to listen to. “Entertaining” does not even scratch the surface for describing how amusing it is to listen to!

Crime Junkie

After you start listening to this show, I can promise you that you’ll look at the world in a different way. Hosts Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers dive straight into describing the scene of a crime and give a ton of details and facts to elaborate on the backstory. Overall I would say that these girls are giving victims and their families hope by telling their stories on such a large platform. Their motto – “Be weird. Be rude. Stay alive.” – serves their listeners with tips to stay safe in public. If you enjoy crime shows, thrillers, or are tired of listening to the same music – this true crime podcast is for you.

There you go! Those are my top seven podcasts I listen to each week. If you’re tired of watching the same show on Netflix while social distancing, stream one of these shows and take a listen for yourself! Didn’t see one of your top shows on this list? Leave a comment below as a recommendation for me to listen to! Or, let me know if you’d like to see a part two to this list since I listen to about ten other shows. Podcasts are available to listen to on a variety of platforms like the iPhone Podcast App, Spotify, Google Play, and more!