How To Save Hundreds on PRESCRIPTION Glasses

Let me tell you – buying glasses has never been easier than it is with Zenni. Welcome back to The Unscripted Gal; I’m pleased to be back with an unsponsored/unscripted review of Zenni Optical. Now, this is a site that I have been using for 7 years to order my prescription glasses from, so it’s fair to say that I’ve had a great deal of experience with their site/ordering/etc. In that time, I can say confidently that I will never ever buy from my doctor’s office again, let me tell you why. (Stay tuned till the end for your $5 coupon!)

Ease of Use

At first glance, I know a lot of people might shy away from using a website to order prescription glasses on, but Zenni makes it easy. There’s no complicated formula or data process, it’s pretty simple really. After your eye exam, ask for a copy of your prescription – open your computer or go to the website on your phone – find the lenses you like – enter your prescription as written – order. It really IS that easy. Even if you’re not confident with how you’ve entered the information, you can take a picture of the prescription and Zenni will double check it for you!

Source: FAQ

One aspect you should be aware of is them needing your pupillary distance. This number is typically not on your perception, but if you call the doctor’s office, they should be able to give it to you over the phone. Or, Zenni has a really cool tool on their website you can use! While it may look complicated, if you print the ruler and follow the directions, you’ll have the number in seconds – and if you hate talking on the phone, you save yourself the anxiety of making a call, a win-win if you ask me.


Every year at my annual eye exam, the medical assistant will put my glasses through their machine and the prescription reads accurate every time. I know this means a lot to people as they’ll be skeptical at the low prices and if this is real – but I can assure you, it is.

Source: Zenni Blog!

The biggest difference I’ve seen with glasses from Zenni versus the optical shop is that the sunglasses are SO much darker. My eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight, so this is something I was extremely wary about prior to ordering, but all of their lenses are customizable to your shade preference! I find that the 80% grey is the best for me, and they even have mirror finishes! Sunglasses at the office/shops can easily run you over $100, but ordering with Zenni, I don’t think I’ve ever paid over $30 for a single pair!


This is what you can’t beat. Glasses start at $6.95! How awesome is that?! There’s no cons here – Zenni’s cost is unbeatable by other brands. The low cost is especially great for those with children or athletes. I know when I was playing softball I broke a couple pairs of glasses being catcher, so this can really be a huge benefit to parents.


This was something I briefly just touched upon but feel as though it’s one worth mentioning more in depth. While glasses are a medical neccessity, that doesnt mean you should give up your unique flair.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to engrave my name or popular phrases on my lenses, but it would cost an arm and leg for my parents. I always wanted a pair of transition glasses too, but we never really saw the cost outweighing the benefits so I went without – but Zenni offers so many affordable options and details that you can’t resist! They recently launched their blue light blocking lenses too. It’s really easy to customize any lens you like to reflect your own personal style or need. With an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, Zenni will have something for you!*

*Bonus: any lens can be whatever you want them to be! Whether it’s a regular prescription, sunglasses, or blue blocking, there’s no limit to how you customize the glasses!

And while Zenni does not ship a bunch of glasses to you to try on like competitors, they do have a try on feature. Simply upload or snap a selfie, and then place whichever glasses you like on! It’s a virtual try on session that does the trick!


I’m sure to no one’s surprise, it takes about two weeks for the glasses to ship to you, very similar to the optical shop time frame. You’ll receive your package that will contain a glasses case with your lenses inside tightly packed. They even include a cleaning cloth – the gold mine of the optical industry if you ask me.

All-in-all: if you are a person who wears glasses, or even if you’re not and you want sunglasses or the blue light blocking lens, I highly recommend using I’ve been purchasing myself glasses on their site for seven years and in turn have even gotten my family hooked on Zenni! They make purchasing prescription glasses easy on you and your pocket. I even have a referral discount for you if you’re ready to try them! Get $5 off your order now using this link to Zenni!