The Easiest Way to Save and Make Money From Your Phone

Our phones are great for keeping in touch with our friends and family, playing games, and scrolling social media, but these activities don’t put a penny in your pocket. I was hesitant at first with the idea of using an app to pocket some extra money, but after a year of using this app below, I’ve made $300! It’s SUPER easy to use, and everyone can use a little extra money, right?

The past year has been a year of saving for me. I wanted to put aside as much money as I possibly could in preparation of me moving out. The first place I needed to examine was how I grocery shop. Although I would consider myself someone who is already a penny pincher and the queen of making a budget, I wanted to save even more money while shopping. But, if you’re anything like me and are too busy to coupon – you NEED this app.

IBotta is an app that rewards you for shopping.

It is completely free, and it lets you collect cash rebates on any brand. No points – actual money, or gift cards if that’s your preference. Each week they refresh their offers on a variety of products from milk, apples, cereal, household cleaners, pet food, and more. National brands are worth more (like $4 off Tide Pods), but they offer so many opportunities to save from a variety of retailers and even for your online shopping. IBotta has bonus opportunities for you to earn even more money too! Say if you start a team and save together, you’ll each qualify for additional $2-$3 bonuses on top of your savings.

Source: IBotta

How to use it:
Download the free app
Enter my code: xesnvld at sign up for the $20 welcome bonus to be applied to your account
Go through their offers (either by product or retailer)
Add them to your list
Go out shopping
Scan your receipt
Collect the cash back!

The way I go about using this app is while I make my grocery list each week, I’ll simply search on the app to see which rebates apply to items I’m already buying. You scan your receipt afterwards (sometimes you may have to verify products by scanning barcodes) but that all takes less than 5 minutes a week. Then, your credit gets applied to your account! It really is THAT easy.

You can withdraw the cash and link it to your Venmo or PayPal, select a gift card from a variety of retailers, or you can use your balance to pay in-store on your next shopping trip.

If you’re like me and use coupons on top of these savings, a lot of the time you really get free, or almost free products. What I like to do is look at the dollar store offers because a lot of the time you’ll actually profit from buying! Each week I save on average probably $2 on my groceries – without any bonuses, that’s pocketing $104 every year. After using this app for a year, I’ve made a little over $300! From grocery stores, to clothing, pharmacies, home improvement stores, and more – there’s an offer on the app for wherever you’re shopping.

My tip to you: hold onto your receipt for the following week! The app refreshes each Thursday with new offers so it’s possible you’ll find a rebate on items you’ve purchased.

You can use my referral link to earn a $20 welcome bonus after you scan your FIRST receipt! Free TWENTY dollars?! Sign me up!

The code to join my team is: xesnvld – enter this when you sign up and get your welcome bonus now.

After you make your account, be sure to invite your friends to the team ~ each person who uses YOUR code earns you $5. Every other month IBotta as a double bonus on referring friends – so share the love and get your code out to your circle! The more the merrier.