5 Cheap Workout Clothing Brands You Need In Your Life

Sure, a lot of people lust over LuLuLemon or Athleta – but, their apparel comes at a hefty price. Don’t get me wrong. If I had all the money in the world, maybe I wouldn’t wince at their price tags – but this girl has rent to pay. The good news is, being the shopping enthusiast I am, I’ve tried SO many brands of athletic wear that I know where to find cheap workout clothes that are cute and squat proof. If you’re like me and cant fathom the idea of spending over $100 for an outfit you’re just going to sweat in, check out these lower priced (but still high quality) brands.

Old Navy

Source: Old Navy

The first on my list is Old Navy. When I was plus sized, this was my go-to store for leggings. In 2015, I found that they were the only store that carried such fashionable prints and options for someone who was a size 22. Another notable mention for Old Navy is that their bottoms are available in tall/petite! Not only does the brand provide a great range of options for all sizes, but they always have a sale going on. The fabric is top notch – no matter how many washes my leggings went through, the color and material stayed intact.

90 Degree

The 90 Degree leggings are made of a nylon-spandex material that offers compression yet breathability. While a bunch of online reviews and my friends attest that the material is 100% opaque… I personally do not agree. If you’re someone who wears a size small, then you will probably have better luck. With these leggings, I tend to find you need to size up in order for them to be semi squat proof, but then they are a little too big on the waist. Personally, I still like this brand because they offer trendy styles and patterns, but I will only wear these leggings for my cardio days, or running errands. Although shoppable online through their site or Amazon, for the best deal, I would suggest picking up this brand at your local TJMAXX or Marshals, as I find their leggings are less than $20 there. The great thing about this brand is that while they are most known for leggings, you can find their tops there too for less than $10 – so for $30 you have a whole outfit.


Source: Kyodan’s Instagram

Now, I may be biased here considering that THESE are my favorite leggings EVER… but, these leggings are truly amazing! I have yet to find a pair that match the quality and durability that Kyodan apparel possess. If you want workout clothes that last – I HIGHLY recommend this brand. As someone who is petite, I find that the high waist on these fit me perfectly, but their regular length leggings bunch about 4-5 inches on me. For this reason, I mainly own their crops/capris as they are ACTUAL capris on me! (Huge win only short people will understand). I also am someone who carries a majority of their weight in their lower body, and these leggings have survived years of my thighs rubbing together without any pilling or color fading! Each pair runs true to size and are 100% squat proof. You can shop their collection online, but their prices are a little higher than if you were to shop a TJMAXX or Marshals. By shopping at TJMAXX, I have never paid more than $16.99 for their leggings. Their joggers are also SUPER soft, and have a very flattering fit too. I highly recommend trying this brand to people of all shapes and sizes, no matter what activity you’re doing – these leggings WILL hold up!


Source: Target

If you needed another reason to love Target or an excuse to go browsing… this is it. In January of this year, Target announced the launch of a new athletic wear brand they were bringing into their stores. Their goal was to provide an inclusive and sustainable line of clothes for any size/workout activity. For under $40, their products feature moisture wicking technology, UPF 50+ protection, are water resistant, and odor control capabilities. Whenever I browse my local Target, the athletic wear section always draws my attention because they have really cute colors and patterns on display. While I can’t say I’ve tried the All In Motion brand yet, I can say that I own several articles from the Joy Lab line that are worthwhile. The material is high quality and can withstand any workout type. Don’t forget about Cartwheel (Target’s app that features coupons)! Sometimes there is 5%-20% off savings, so always be on the lookout for that deal. Or, I’d suggest going right to clearance and rummaging through those racks. I regularly find a ton of sports bras and tops for less than $10.


Source: Macy’s

Now I know that when you first see/hear this retailer, you think of the name brands they carry and are probably wondering why they are on my “Cheap Workout Clothing Brands” list… while I would agree with you that they have products at a high price point, they have such frequent sales that it IS possible to walk would without breaking the bank. Macy’s has a very wide variety of athletic wear that is always on sale. Ideology and 32 Degrees apparel for example is regularly on sale for under $20, and you can also snag Nike, Puma, and Adidas items on sale too like this cute crop!

I hope my list has opened your eyes to the fact that you don’t need to shell out tons of money to get high quality, stylish, and durable workout clothes. Whether you’re shopping at your local Old Navy, TJMAXX/Marshals, Target, or Macy’s – I promise you these retailers carry a wide variety of super popular athletic brands for you!