3 Low Maintenance House Plants You Don’t Need A Green Thumb to Keep Alive

If being in quarantine has left you fed-up and anxious about the pandemic, one activity that can aid in reducing stress is gardening! An inexpensive hobby that provides a ton of benefits, becoming a “plant parent” is all the range for millennials. Personally, I don’t have a green thumb. Actually, I don’t know all that much about plants at all, but lock down has given me the extra time to peruse the internet for some online resources to help me learn about houseplants.

Planting has become an activity for me that is therapeutic and having the greenery within my space has revitalized the overall energy in my home. I find that having houseplants gives you the opportunity to incorporate nature indoors, and some plants are even air purifiers! Sounds like having houseplants has huge mental health benefits right?! Here are three beautiful houseplants I am experimenting with that don’t require much work, but will give your space a fresh touch.


Source: Home Depot

Perfect for the person who forgets to water their plants, or simply wants to add lush leaves to their home without much care – Pothos are the easiest houseplants to grow and maintain. Their trailing vines has vibrant green leaves and help purify the air. This plant is also awesome because it doesn’t require direct sunlight! I keep a small mason jar back on my desk at work where this plant is thriving under fluorescent lighting. Pothos only require watering once a week, or when you notice the soil has completely dried out.

Peace Lily

Source: Walmart

A popular choice among many lists I found on Google, Peace Lilies are another low maintenance plant. White flowers emerge from dark green leaves lending to its vibrant and graceful appearance. What I’ve found that works in regard to watering is wait for the plant to slightly droop. It’s fascinating to see it revive after being watered, in general you can expect to water this plant maybe once a week. But, beware if you have pets! This is a poisonous/toxic plant if ingested by cats and dogs. As someone with a darling little feline, I have found my cat has no interest in this plant, but I keep it away from her as a precaution.

(Obviously it would be ideal to not have toxic plants in your home if you have pets, but this was a gift to me, so I just pay close attention to when my cat wanders.)


Source: Etsy

This little plant is a mysterious little fellow. While leaves are generally a green color, this plant has a ton of varieties that include different shades. As the plant matures, you’ll see the leaves change shape, beginning as an arrowhead, and then changing into three to five finger like sections. It’s best to keep this plant away from direct sunlight as the leaves can easily burn. This is another plant that likes to be dried out in between watering, but during the winter months it’s important to mist the plant daily.

Tight on space or not loving in love with the idea of growing vines?  Other low maintenance houseplants you could consider for your windowsill are:




Whether you decide to incorporate a few succulents to your windowsill or creating an indoor jungle – remember to show your houseplants extra love and gratitude because during the winter months when we see everything outside die, these plants will continue to bring life to your space.

Now I’m not an expert in this area, so here are some resources I’ve been using to learn more how to care for plants:

Harli G’s Youtube Channel

Good Growing

Plant Reddit Threads

Gardening Know How: Zone 5 House Plants

*Essential App for your iPhone/Android: Planta – This app seriously will help you keep your plants alive.

One refreshing lesson I’ve learned from plants is that if it doesn’t pan out, you can always try again. It’s truly a learning process, and some plants will just die on you, so don’t feel discouraged. If you decide to pick up one of these plants, let me know in the comments below!